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Gilbert Electrical Services employs only licensed technicians who have experience in the field doing repairs, troubleshooting, and installing wiring and cables for residential and commercial buildings. Our former customers include homeowners, commercial landlords, business owners, civic and government institutions. If you are seeking any type of repair, maintenance, installation, or emergency assistance then you have come to the right place. 

General electrical repairs performed by a electricians Gilbert include any inside wiring or cable, outside wiring not belonging to utility service provider, overhead wiring, cable, and electrical appliances. We also provide repair service for heating elements in pools and hot tubs, HVAC systems, burglar alarms, and fire detection systems. If you would like to install outdoor timers or motion detectors for lighting systems we are able to assist you with that also.  

Maintenance and troubleshooting should be done in both homes and businesses on a regular cycle, particularly if appliances or wiring is old and worn. If you are upgrading an office computer or phone system, allow us to come in and check the wiring and cable to make sure it can handle the new additions. Upgrading to more energy efficient wiring, cable, and appliances is recommended also. We’re happy to answer your questions on it any time and provide quotes for installations. 

Assistance with construction projects or renovations to residential properties is available on an availability basis. If you have an upcoming project and need a Gilbert electrician on the job, call us early and give us plenty of time to prepare an estimate and some references for you. Most builders and contractors in the Greater Phoenix area have worked with us in the past so ask yours if he will add us to his team. Other services are available upon request. If you have any questions, please call anytime.  


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